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Our Founder


Meet the visionary behind @officialhumansofqueer (OHOQ) - a force behind a digital storytelling initiative. In just three years, they've illuminated over 1000 queer narratives through Instagram tales, posts, blogs, and live exchanges. They were honored as a champion of change by Girl Up India for Gender Equality. 


Hailing from the vibrant streets of Delhi, this 25-year-old proudly wears their queer identity as a badge of authenticity and strength. Passionate about sharing real-life experiences, they spent a significant period at Impulse New Delhi, spearheading Advocacy and Events. Currently serving as Vice-President, they advocate for safer sexual practices for queer folks.

Associated with Rainbow Lit Fest as an assistant project manager for two years, they've tried their best to make the space inclusive and youth-focused as well. 

Their influence extends beyond the queer community, impacting corporate realms like BCG, ITC, and various colleges at the University of Delhi. Their insights have graced esteemed media outlets like Times Now, Indian Express, Times of India, Josh Talks, and Social Ketchup, The Hindu and various news channels.


Outside of their impactful work, find them at cinemas enjoying Bollywood movies or exploring new food outlets. Their deep fascination with diverse cultures fuels their love for meeting new people. Among cherished hobbies, sleeping and spreading love top the list. They strongly believe in fostering open conversations about pleasurable sex as a crucial aspect of today's discourse.

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