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As days passed, he persistently asked, "Ab toh bol do I love you,"

Back in January 2020, a new chapter in my life began when I met a guy on a dating app. I wasn't yet comfortable with the idea, but he was eager to talk and meet. Despite his invitations to meet, I insisted on being just friends until I felt comfortable. We continued talking online, and on Valentine’s Day, he proposed to me. Unsure of what he saw in me through video calls and still not completely comfortable with dating, I didn't give him an answer then, asking him to wait until I overcame my hesitation. As days passed, he persistently asked, "Ab toh bol do I love you," and who was I kidding to deny the crush I had started to develop on him? Finally, on March 20, I told him, "I love you too."

If you haven’t guessed yet, yes, the lockdown did indeed start five days after that. We couldn't meet, but that didn't stop our relationship. As the days passed, so did our love. When the lockdown ended, we were deeply in love. We finally decided to meet. He came to where I lived, and our first meeting was overwhelming. Before he came to meet me, he decided that we should exchange rings to make our relationship stronger and infinite. Then he came to the place where I lived, and we went to a jewelry shop to buy rings for us and went to my Kuldevi Mandir. Until then, the weather was all sunny and clear. But right as we exchanged the rings, winds began to howl, raindrops began to drizzle, and leaves began to sway, as if we were in a movie, as if the gods above had bestowed upon us their blessings.

He stayed with me for a few hours, after which he had to return to his home. He has always been with me in my highs and lows. When my mother passed away from cancer in 2022, he became the support I needed. We are still in a long-distance relationship. He lives in Prayagraj, where he is still a student, and I live in Noida, where I work as a freelance makeup artist. We are still closeted, and it’s uncertain how our families will react. But if there's one thing we know, it's the love we have for each other. Our love was never an elevator but a staircase, where we gradually climbed all these uneven steps, eventually reaching the sky!


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