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Election and Us

By Satvik (He/They)

In the kaleidoscope of identities, our stories often intertwine with the struggle for visibility and recognition.

From the shadows of societal norms to the forefront of advocacy, trans individuals navigate a labyrinth of challenges and triumphs. At the recent session hosted by The Misfyt Trans Youth Foundation with the GLAD Foundation, Satvik, along with fellow trans individuals, delved into the heart of our experiences.

As I listened to fellow community members, their words echoed the tune of our collective experiences.

"Voting rights are not just checkboxes; they’re the cornerstone of our existence," remarked Ritwik (he/him 25), echoing the sentiment that our voices matter, especially in shaping policies that affect our lives directly.

From grappling with identity clashes to the struggles of finding reliable information, our journey through the political sphere is riddled with challenges. "It's not just about casting a vote, it's about knowing whom to vote for," remarked Rexy (she/her), echoing the sentiment of many.

Amidst the cacophony of conventional politics, the clash between tradition and progress reverberates through our journey. "We need community leaders who understand our realities, who champion a bottom-up approach," voiced Veronika (she/her, 23), advocating for inclusive governance.

Employability, education, and the lack thereof were recurring themes, highlighting the urgent need for inclusive policies and representation within political parties. "We need our voices at the table, shaping the decisions that affect our lives," emphasized Kabir Maan (he/him).

Identity mapping becomes more than just a personal quest; it’s a political act. Yet, the lack of awareness and information often shrouds our path. "How do we know whom to vote for when our voices are drowned in the sea of indifference?" pondered Yash (he/they), highlighting the urgency for education and awareness campaigns tailored to our community.

For too long, we've navigated a landscape fraught with danger and discrimination. "Safety shouldn't be a luxury, it should be a right," Krishanu declared, igniting a conversation about the urgent need for policies that protect and uplift trans lives.

From access to healthcare to housing rights, the journey from exclusion to inclusion is paved with challenges. "We deserve to exist without fear," remarked one participant, highlighting the pervasive threat of violence that shadows our daily lives.

"Inclusivity isn't just about token gestures, it's about genuine acceptance," Nargis (she/her) emphasized, urging us to demand more from our leaders and institutions.

In democracy, every vote is a beacon of hope, a testament to our resilience. Yet, the barriers loom large – from the intersectionality of our identities to the apathy towards our struggles. "We need representation, not just tokenism," urged Dippanita (they/them), resonating with the call for political inclusion and intersectional policies.

In the mosaic of our stories, let us carve a path towards a future where every voice, every identity, is not just heard but celebrated. Names were shared, pronouns respected, and stories intertwined as we explored the intersectionality of our experiences. Each of us left with a renewed sense of purpose, armed with the knowledge and conviction to advocate for our rights.

Together, we redefine the narrative, one vote at a time.


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