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In January, I decided to call off the wedding.

I spent most of my childhood alone at home, with my family encouraging me to prioritize my studies and assuring me that I would make friends later in life. During my college years, I focused on my studies and career, preparing for the Chartered Accountant exam. After completing my CA studies, my family began receiving marriage proposals for me, and they arranged my marriage with a girl.

Growing up in a family where obedience to parental decisions was expected, I never questioned their choices. I believed it was the societal norm to pursue education, find a job, take responsibility for one's parents, and then get married. Despite my internal doubts, I went along with the arranged marriage process, culminating in the tilak ceremony in August and the marriage ceremony planned for February.

Before my upcoming wedding, I frequented gay parties to be myself and enjoy life. At one such party in December, I met someone with whom I shared a connection after initially not getting along. Our physical attraction quickly turned into something deeper, leading me to reevaluate my decision to get married.

In January, grappling with my dilemma, I made the difficult decision to call off the wedding. Feeling distressed and confused, I contemplated drastic actions but sought advice from a friend instead. Encouraged to confront my problems head-on, I summoned the courage to cancel the wedding, despite fearing my family's reaction. Although I never disclosed the real reason for my decision, I stood firm against societal pressure and family expectations.

Two months later, my mother suggested uploading my biodata on an online matchmaking site, presenting an opportunity for me to come out to her. Surprisingly, she reacted with initial shock but eventually expressed acceptance and support. Although I anticipated a harsh reaction from my father, he responded with tears, indicating a depth of love beyond societal norms.

Regarding my relationship, my boyfriend and I currently live in Delhi and plan to move in together soon. Despite challenges, our love grows stronger each day, and we are committed to navigating life's ups and downs together. While aware of societal and legal constraints on queer marriages in India, we prioritize our mutual understanding, trust, and commitment over formalities.

In conclusion, our relationship has taught me the true meaning of love and has transformed me as a person. We are focused on building our careers and exploring life together while cherishing the bond we share.


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